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Sunday, May 30th 2010 12:53 pm
Since Monique died, I’ve been in a funk.  I don’t know really what else to call it, but a funk.  I think it really hasn’t sunk in yet that she’s gone.  She was always someone that was there for you whenever you needed her, and now what? I remember she even helped us with my dads 50th birthday party without being asked. That’s the kind of person she was.
I received a phone call today that her services will be on Thursday. A funeral. Thursday.  God, wasn’t she just joking to my dad that if he forgot her favorite lotion she was going to have him strapped down and make him give blood?
If the person that offered the digital frame still feels like sending it, know this.  We will put pictures of Monique in it for her kids to have.  Her son is almost three and her daughter isn’t even 10 yet, and they have to go through with this. I think thats what the hardest part about this is.
Donate your blood people.. get yourself looked at!  This disease just leaves devastation.
Friday,  May 28th 2010 11:22am
I’ve sat here for the last thirty minutes or so trying to start this email. There’s no other way to say this than Monique is gone. She died this morning at around 10:30. She was 31.

Please let her fight be a lesson.  If something just doesn’t feel right, get checked. If the doctor says nothing is wrong, and you’re still not satisfied, DEMAND that you get more tests. I know a lot of us are like Monique, we will just bare through it,  and it’ll get better later. There’s stuff for us to do! You really never know what is going to happen.  Last night I received a text that the cancer cells were gone, and now this?  Only you know your body, don’t let the doctor think that they can brush it off if its not readily explainable. Remember, they work for you! This is the worst disease that I’ve ever seen.
Again, thank you for the well wishes. If you’d like to donate to her family to help with expenses, please let me know and I’ll send the information along.

Friday, May 28th 2010 10:am
At about nine last night, I received a text that Monique’s cancer cells were gone, and she wouldn’t need chemo for awhile.  Awesome news, right? She’s been there a month, I thought, great news!! She’ll get her bone marrow transplant, and be home soon!
This morning, they were blowing up my phone. Voicemails and I even think facebook comments to call back.  Foreboding, right?  She’s on life support. My God, LIFE SUPPORT!? Weren’t we just celebrating that the cells are gone?
That just took the breath clear from my lungs.  She’s there with her husband at the hospital that’s four hours away, and most of her immediate family is in Colorado. I can’t even imagine what her mom and dad are going through.  Now I’m even stalled.  I can’t go to the hospital because of the cold I have. Last thing she needs is THAT added to her plate. All I can do is sit here and wait by the phone. Even if this should go down a path we aren’t wanting it to go, I will be keeping this page up.  Her husband and her family will still need help, and help is what I know the people of the internet can do. I’ve seen it already, and I just posted this page yesterday!
Like  I’ve said before: Donate!  If you can donate money, then email me seraphimred at yahoo dot com. If you can donate blood – email me and I’ll give you her information. You can help that family by donating your blood in her honor, it helps with the medical bills. While it might not be much, its APPRECIATED!  If you can’t do either, then donate by sending this link out to people you know.
Donate here via paypal!
Thank you!!

Thursday, May 27th 2010

I really don’t know where to start this post.  I don’t LIKE that I have to do one of these posts, but its not like I can just sit here and do nothing.  You see, its come to a point in my small blogger life that the hiding has to stop and I gotta get this out into the interwebs.

You see, my family has just been rocked down to its very core.  My cousin, Monique, has just been diagnosed with Leukemia. This woman, who had her own struggles with infertility, has the battle of all battles now. Her youngest of the two kids she has, a son, had heart problems when he was born. This woman hasn’t exactly had it easy, and yet she still manages to keep her spirits up.

According to Wikipedia:

So, this pretty much says that her blood is destroying itself and she needs help. FAST.  According to the doctor, had she caught the merest of head colds, she would have died.  Everyday she has two bags of blood infused into her veins and a bag of platelets.  You can imagine how this is wearing down her and her family. She’s in a hospital 4 hours away and people are taking turns staying a WEEK with her. She won’t be coming home until she’s in remission, that’s how bad this is. For now, the prognosis is that she will be home sometime within the next THREE MONTHS.  This is hopeful, but not exact.

I’m trying to help as much as I can and now, I’ve gone to the internet.  I know just how vast and far the internet reaches and I hope that if you read this right now, you might have an extra digital frame to send her so she can see her kids.  She literally hasn’t set eyes on these two munchkins in a month already, and now three additional?? You might not feel right sending money, and I understand that. I really do.  If you could send prepaid debit cards for her husband to use for gas with $20 on it, that helps! Any donation is appreciated.  Anything right now will help as this was just a damn shock.

I say shock because Monique never has had any of the symptoms for cancer. The big and hateful “C” word.  She was a little more tired than normal and she had headaches. THAT. IS. IT. If you ever think anything is wrong, if you don’t feel just right, get checked!  You never know when this will happen.

If you donate blood – please, do it for her. If you put her name on it, it actually helps toward her hospital stay. email me seraphimred at yahoo dot com, and I’ll give you all the information you need.

Thank you. Thank you, thank you!

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  2. I’m so sorry. What a horrible thing to happen to anyone. Sending you hug and donated what I could. I hope it helps a little.

    • The Evil Step Mother

      Thank you so much Jenny. Really.

      I think it hasn’t sunk in to a lot of us just yet. I keep wondering about her two kids. They’ve got a rough road ahead of them.

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