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Wouldn’t you know it…

Cinderella has been after us for awhile to go to her school during lunch and eat with her.  We mainly haven’t because..well…we kinda kept forgetting to ask when lunch was to be honest. Pick up at Cinderella’s school is more like a mad dash to your car in hopes you won’t be stuck in the parking lot for thirty minutes, waiting in line while that one arsehole sits not moving while his partner in crime “runs inside real quick”.  Yeah, that’s happened.

It finally hit me.  If I can use those lunches to get Cinderella to try something new, then it’ll be worth it right?  I went and researched ways online to get her more interested in food and everything, if that wasn’t crazy enough, I did something.  Something my husbands still shaking his head at me about.

Bento boxes.  Bento boxes, baby! How freaking cute is that?  I thought if I could make them cute and fun, well, those lunches at her school would totally profit me in the long run.  No whining, no huffing and puffing, and all is right in the kingdom. I scoured the lands (eBay) for all that was needed and eagerly awaited the post.  I have tons of little doo dads now.  While I haven’t exactly landed a lunch, okay I haven’t because little miss Cinderellas been in the dog house, They’re a friggin hit at home! Flower shaped sausages! Little heart sandwiches that are in like 4-5 shapes! The friggin CUTENESS OF IT ALL!

Hopefully it’ll work out. The good Lord knows I’m not going to be doing stuff like this:

Pic from:

P.S.  Can I just gripe for a second on how 99.9% of my spam bots are on the page of my DEAD COUSIN? No damn decency. I know that they’re not exactly on there because I always delete them, but damn.  Always? Does it always have to be on that page? *sigh*

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