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And now I’m a lifelong customer…


From the website: As our name implies, Teavana’s goal is to be a heaven of tea and to offer our customers the healthy lifestyle and wonderful tastes of tea.

Oooh, Teavana.  Sure, I’d heard of them.  I’d look online at the different teas and gadgets and drool.  At the time I found them I wasn’t too sure about loose leaf tea.  Sure, I bought just about a million of those boxes of tea from the grocery store, just about any flavor you can think of.  Ooh, boy.  Was I wrong. You see, I don’t have a local Teavana store.  In fact, according to the website, there’s not a Teavana store in my whole STATE.  Boonies…I live there.

Anywhoo, after my last purchase from Teavana, I’m in love.

Besides all of the tea I purchased, I purchased myself one of these tumblers, in red.  After two days of use, it looked WRECKED.  I don’t know what happened to it, still.  It was hand washed with a sponge after each use, so it shouldn’t have looked like it was 4 years old already. I went to twitter to ask the Teavana person a question about it, and wouldn’t you know it? After just a few minutes, they fixed me up right as rain.  They didn’t yell at me, or accuse me of being rough with the tumbler, they just set everything straight – I had an answer in less than 12 hours. Awesome.

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