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I guess I did remember my password after all…

You know when you try and sit down to type out a post and all you can think about is everything jumbled together at once, its amazing how stuff gets stuck on the way out of your fingertips.  Okay, its not really all that amazing, but frustrating.

I didn’t set out to ignore my blog for all of these months, to tell you the truth.  It just sort of happened.  Summer arrived and we tried to make the most of it.  Cinderella’s at that age where she can voice her opinions (whether you like them or not!), and it made for an interesting summer, to say the least!

There were deaths in the family.  That’s all I’ll get into.  That’s all my heart can handle pretty much.

But, I’ve thought of you, sweet blog, almost daily.

I’ll be around more shortly!


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