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Stuff Heard Around My House..

My husbands work called him at the butt crack of dawn this morning and told him they moved him and his crew to a new rig and oh, yeah, you need to be at work. Like now. So, I’m a bit tired, and well, yeah, I’m phoning this post in.  Enjoy!


Stuff heard around my house today:

  • “No, ice cream doesn’t count as milk.
  • “Smelling the dogs butt isn’t exactly a good idea!”
  • “Quit throwing things!”
  • “You can’t be bad all day and think one I’m sorry is going to fix it.”
  • “No, you asked me to make that. I’m not making you chocolate popcorn.” (Btw, isn’t that an idea? Someone get on that! And credit my kid.)
  • “What made you think drawing on the toilet was a good thing?”‘
  • “Hitting the dog is going to make him mad.”
  • “Don’t come crying to me if the dog bites you.” ( He didn’t, nor would he.  I like to try stuff like that out, but I’m pretty sure she knows I’m talkin’ outta my ass.)

It’s not even two yet, and this is just a few things that I’ve said today. Is it nap time yet? Please?

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  1. mmm sounds like my house but add in

    No don’t step on the cat, he’ll bite you then you’ll cry
    No Hamish (the cat) doesn’t want you to carry him like that
    You’re not Kung Fu Panda so stop punching things


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