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 Do you see these guys?  Right there.. in the shade.  I’ll wait.

Now do you see them? ( Hint: There’s two of them.)

What you see there is the little surprise that was waiting for me when I left my house the other day to go and pay a bill. (Oh, yay! BILLS!)  I don’t own these tiny pups.. okay, I’m not sure if they were pups, they didn’t look like it, but they were small. Someone tied these two  dogs together and then if that wasn’t enough, they then tied them to a bush in MY backyard.

Yeah, why don’t I let that marinate for a second.

Let me just say that again: Someone went on my property, while my husband was at work, and tied two dogs together and then to a bush and just left them. No food.  No water. Just..left them. I live in the desert people, that was was easily 85 degrees. While that doesn’t seem like much to you or me, YOU go sit outside wrapped up in a cable wire with nothing to drink and see how hot you feel.

Okay, maybe I got more freaked out because I live in the ghetto. 

While I did hear them, I went on thinking it was just my neighbors..they just got a new dog! Or maybe it was one of the 2426 strays that roam my neighborhood!  Not this.  This just made me do the puppy “what the hell is happening” head tilt.

Cinderella was the first out the door and half way down the steps..and she points.

Me:”What?? Why’d you stop??”  Okay, I’m sharp. Don’t judge me.

Cinderella:”When did we get dogs?”

Yeah, head tilt.

Poor pups..  I tried to get them untangled at least, but with a four year old, it wasn’t going to happen. They promptly tried to eat my eyeballs, all with a grin on their face, I’m sure.  Cinderella wouldn’t have minded much, as long as she could PET! THE! PUPPIES!!!!!! (Think on the IT’S SO FURRY! moment in Megamind. That’s my girl. Damn, I love that show. Have you seen it? You totally should…ooh, SHINY! *Ahem*)

I ended up having to deal with Animal Control. Animal control out here in the ghetto isn’t an exactly easy thing to accomplish..but after about three and a half hours of phone calls and waiting.. the pups were rescued. Is it weird I still worry about them? Its been 24 hours.  :sigh:

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