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Year Three

A lot of people don’t know this, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

About two weeks into our relationship, The Prince and I got engaged.  TWO WEEKS. I’m going to save everyone the engagement story, (TRUST me, you don’t want to know.). I have a cousin that tells everyone,”They had two dates and SHE MOVED HIM IN WITH HER!” It just… I don’t know.. fit? Sickly enough, I think we both knew from the beginning that Or we’d stalk the other later on. heh.

We kept it to ourselves for the longest time. Okay, I may have told my mom. Immediately. Don’t judge me. There’s nothing that my mom and I don’t talk about. Much to her dismay, I’m sure. But really, why would we deal with the looks and sneers? We just kept it to ourselves and went on our merry way.

After awhile, we came out and told people. Then the shit hit the proverbial fan. Everyone had an idea they just had to share with us!

You want an outdoor wedding? That’s silly! Why don’t you …

You’re already behind on the planning! Why don’t I..”

You get the idea. It got to the point to where I just started refusing to plan. (Yeah, I’m 8. Bite me.) I didn’t exactly plan on it. I just started finding other stuff to do…like watch tv or sleep.I do have to say that my mom was a champ.  She offered to help with just about everything but we didn’t exactly see that as fair. I mean, she had her own bills and such, why should she have to help with EVERYTHING? (What I’m trying to say here is that my dad was being an asshole about it all. heh.)

Then it happened.

We had been tossing it around here and there for awhile now. I mean, why don’t we? We were extremely broke as it was, so it seemed to make a heck of a lot of sense.

We eloped.

Okay, he dared me! WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO!? You know you can’t show fear!

Or we went to the damn courthouse and made that crap OFFICIAL  BABY!  Honestly, I’m kinda glad we did.* I’m not one that likes the spotlight shined on me to tell you the truth. I don’t like to be the center of attention. The only thing that I’m still kind of ticked about is that we didn’t have any pictures. No engagement photos, no wedding photos..nada. That’s weird but that’s the only thing that still sits a little weird with me.

Today, all three of us sat together and looked at the couple of photos my sister-in-law took during the ceremony in the judges chambers. I can’t get over how tiny Cinderella was. She didn’t even recognize herself,  I had to convince her a few times. But to hear,”Those are my parents!” was pretty amazing.

That’s okay though. I got the man. The baby came later..not exactly the way the storybooks say..but we’re all together. There may be days that I look for a receipt to return the man, but I wouldn’t change anything. Okay, that’s a lie. The first couple of years were INSANELY DRAMATIC. If that could get changed…well, no. I take that back. That has made us what we are …I wouldn’t chance that changing for anything.

*Eloped that is.**

**I’m glad we got married too, don’t get it twisted.

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  1. Glad it all worked out for you! Enjoy!

  2. Love your posts! I hope I will be reading your 40th.
    Nevertheless, you all seem very suited to each other and with God
    in your lives it will be no problem. 🙂


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