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The Post Where I “Complain” About People Being Cheap Asses

I have a question to ask you…

Right now, would you go to Etsy and ask someone there to lower their prices on something that you just LOVE, because well, you just don’t want to pay that much?

No, right? I mean, who does that!? These people put their heart and soul into these things they’ve made, and more often than not, they’ve deserved every penny they set whatever product at.  I know that pretty much doesn’t make sense but this has been annoying me for awhile.

Belongs to

You see, my mother and I make jewelry on the side. What started as just a “for fun” thing, has transformed into something we can make a dollar or two, here and there.  Okay, she can make the bucks way more than I can.. For some reason I end up giving mine away for birthday/christmas gifts out of sheer laziness, really. *snicker*

My mother is all heart, really. Most times she will work with people on prices but damned if she isn’t *always* selling herself short. Nine times out of ten, she will sell her stuff to people she knows for just what the cost of the supplies had cost her, and nothing for her time.  I honestly, think she’s nuts, because damn, look at that piece! That piece at the left is a pendant she created out of sterling silver wire, Moldavite, Topaz, a Garnet and a Spinel. Trust me people, these things aren’t easy to pop out in an hour or two. These things can take upwards of 8-15 hours. Nuts, isn’t it? Speaking from experience, when you’re finally done with something like this, the first thing you don’t want to hear is,”You want me to pay HOW MUCH?” The end product ends up almost  like a child of yours, and trust me, when you spout hate like that,  we don’t want to sell them to you. Why would we want something we’ve bled and hurt ourselves making, go to someone who won’t love them? Trust me, I’ve gone to bed more than once with my fingers hurting from trying to get the wire just right, just tight enough to sit just the way it looks in my head. Its addicting!

What the point of this post is people, next time you come across someone that does create something so awesome as this, think before you open your mouth. Think.

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