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Yep, I’m freaking. (Okay, I’m only freaking a little bit..not like, I’m going to go and start drinking.. yet.)

Why, you ask? Well, hell. Just let me tell you, its pretty awesome.  (By the way, how awesome is the stock photo there at the left? Yep, totally, totally awesome. I love stock photos. Also, I need a new word. Here it is like 40 words into a post and I’ve used the word “awesome” three times, not including the one I just typed…that makes it four. Lame.)

When Cinderella first came into  our home, she pretty much was  feral child. I’d like so say that I was kidding and be all,”LOL! J/K!” Yeah, but that would  be a lie. Screaming because she couldn’t stand the quiet? Yeah, awesome. (See?? There’s that damn word again!) That’s just one of the nicer things. Trust.

Now? Well, my little booger butt is, dare I say it? A-freakin-dorable! She sits still when I comb her hair, she asks for things instead of ripping whatever it is out of hands…Its like she’s a whole other child. She freaks people out when they find out she’s only four. I’m only sort of bragging, sort of. Okay, I  think it’s awesome (that’s just an extra one..ha) that this kid is her own little person now.

Today, we went to her parent/teacher conference.  (By the way, why in hell is there a parent/teacher conference in preschool? I mean, really? What are they going to tell you? OH, little Johnny! That boy is a scamp! He doesn’t eat his salad with his lunch!) Anyway, her conference lasted all of *maybe* five minutes. Literally. I walked in, signed the Who Showed Up roster thing, and was given some papers. We talked for like two minutes and she’s ready for kindergarten sign ups in March, and “Do you have any questions?” *boooom*

Kindergarten? She’s four!

She’s going to KINDERGARTEN NEXT YEAR? What the HELL??

At first, it didn’t click. I was too busy excited that she’s a total rock star. This kid breezed through school this year – according to her teacher she’s at least a year ahead at where she should be on her knowledge of letters. AHEAD. All of a sudden…wait.  Did this chick just say KINDERGARTEN? This means I have to go and look at kindergarten teachers and pick and…and…oh hell..

Now, my baby is going to kindergarten, and I’m going to go crawl under my covers. Call me when she graduates.

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