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Don’t Mind Me…

This is a post I found in my drafts, and I figured,”What the hell?”  I haven’t exactly updated in awhile, and a crappy update, is still an update, yanno?



This might not make any sense because I just had a late lunch and I’m pretty much a coma-in-waiting. Damn, I hate when I eat really awesome stuff and it makes me all sleepy. Bleh. Also, Prince Charming is watching something boring on the History channel, so I figured I might as well write. Napping is out of the question, unfortunately.

Stuff has been really slow around these parts recently, so there really hasn’t been anything worth writing about. My niece and nephew graduated last night from an alternative high school, so that was cool. They’re good kids, and this was a great second chance to get their diploma and we’re really proud that they went for it.

I do have a gripe though.

I ordered a “Punch and Die set”  from a tool company at the very end of January and I’ve yet to receive it.  I’m not going to mention the name of the company, because I refuse to give them any sort of free advertising, be it good or bad. What the hell, man?!  I refuse to see any other way, than these people are idiots. It shouldn’t take 12 days to ship from Los Angeles. It just shouldn’t.  Don’t judge me, I am a girl that likes tools. And by tools, I don’t mean colored wimpy tools! I was in the middle of a project and these people WERE HOLDING ME UP! THE CREATIVE JUICES WERE DRYING,  DAMMIT!

/end rant

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