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Well, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, We Meet Again…

Back in September ’10,  Aunt Becky at MommyWantsVodka suggested a we, as her pranksters, stage a prank of sorts.  Seeing how she  was suffering a John C. Mayer curse, she decided we needed to prank other random celebs, and stuff our posts with their name as much as possible. I chose Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan and I had decided to come clean of our love and such, and I basically lied my ass off. The link on Jeffrey Dean Morgans name there will take you to the first post. You’ll be sad panda that you missed that. Trust. P.S. Jeffrey Dean Morgan..Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I’m waiting on that milk still.


Since we made that John C. Mayer posts, there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t logged into WordPress and there hasn’t been something about Jeffrey Dean Morgan. So, in a way, Jeffrey Dean  Morgan has become a legend here in our castle. Imagine the giggle when I logged in and saw this:

He's signaling me.You see?! It’s true! Jeffrey Dean Morgan is trying to tell me something. I have to add that adding the “ugly” in there was a great touch.

BTW: Anyone that finds my blog by looking for Mister Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I’m totally sorry. (No, I’m not).


Ok, to be honest I needed a giggle.  I’m kinda emo today and I know I really need to post more so thats about all I had in me.

How are you?

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