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Happy Birthday, Charming

The 24th was my husbands birthday.

Just like last year, the poor man worked on his birthday. At midnight, I sent him a goofy,”HAPPPYYYY BIRTHHHDAAYY!” type of text, when all I wanted was him here with us. The poor man..he turned all of 25! *Gasp!* Old fart. *snicker* We didn’t do much for his birthday, because he wanted to relax, but I did manage to make him an pineapple upside down cake. It’s always his choice for his birthday, and this year was no different, only this time, Momma didn’t have to make dinner. Pizza, baby! It turned out to be one of those great snuggle-on-the-bed-and-watch-movies kind of day.
A few days before, I took Charming to go see a little comedian by the name of Gabriel Iglesias, for his birthday! I have to admit, that was amazing! I didn’t expect the additional four comedians.
What I really didn’t expect was sitting next to THE OLDEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD. I was hit with a cane, poked and plain old annoyed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m normally fine sitting next to anyone in these situations, listening to the last part of every, and I mean every, joke repeated was not… The majority of the jokes were not exactly, let’s say, PG-13, so listening to Jessica Tandy’s grandma talking about sex is just awkward. “Ha! Ha! Ha! I banged her!”, wheezed Grandma Tandy. :shudder: (Seriously, it’s been weeks now, and I’m still scarred.) The only thing that mattered is that Charming had a blast and his face hurt from laughing, and we had a serious giggle fest that continued for days after.

Hope your birthday didn’t suck, love. We can talk about therapy another time.

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