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The Phone Call Heard Across the States…

Today, my mother called me asking if my husband and I were playing a joke on her.  Anyone that knows me, or my husband for that matter, knows we are down for it when it comes to  a prank. Only, this time, it wasn’t so.  My husband worked last night and at the time, was fast asleep and  Cinderella was playing in her room, so there was no way it was us messing with her. I was in the midst of playing Suzi Home Maker and was making home made tortillas to last us for awhile. So this phone call? Hello, pit to the stomach, meet freakout!

What happened was, while my mother was going on her lunch break she received a phone call, the area code being my neighborhood. My mom lives in California, and we live states away. If my mom ever receives a phone call from our area code, she answers it, to make sure that its not anyone in her family that needs help, today was no different. She answered and a grown man (!!!) asked for my niece.  Now, could it be a coincidence that the man  was asking for someone with the same name as my niece, that lived in our town, and just happened to call my mom in California?  That’s pretty ridiculous. After a few minutes of “Who’s this?” back and forth from the both of them, the man hung up. What the hell??? (If that didn’t make sense, I’m sorry. But it’s kind of hard to write it out and not mention anywhere we live. So, yeah…read it again? I dunno. I don’t have anything to add. Ooh, look! Something shiny!)

Since my niece and nephew got old enough to be online, this has been a huge fear of mine. I helped raised these two since they were born pretty much and its almost like they’re mine. So, when I see something like this… well, lets just say I had an upset stomach all day. Hell, I don’t think I even bathed. ( Ok,  well, who knows if I actually would have bathed today. Don’t judge me. It was freakin’ cold today.  I said stop judging me. Assholes.) There’s been a few times that either I or my mom had to text Niece (I really need to figure out a “name” for her and Nephew), and get onto her because of her Twitter or Facebook. There’s been one too many times that she’d put her phone number on blast because she was bored and wanted someone to text her.

But how did this guy get my MOMs number? How random is that?

I just may have to sit her and Nephew down and tell them about the TWO (Hello! Talk about lucky!) times I was almost kidnapped when I was younger.  No one is safe. I don’t understand how she or he doesn’t see that. Goodness, to be young again. Any suggestions are totally welcome. Email me if you’d like:

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