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AGAIN, with the Plague!

I’ve come to the conclusion that having children is like having little carrier monkeys that will eventually infect you at any chance they can get. It’s like they know you’re about to get better and then, boom! More yuck. This is the second time since like, mid December that I’ve gotten sick, all from Cinderella. I’m totally going to start spraying her with Lysol when she comes home from school. (Before you start in on me, I’m not going to do just quit while you’re ahead. Besides bleach is stronger.) *snicker*

By the way, don’t ever google “Carrier Monkey” if you need a picture, and are hoping for some sort of clip art of a sickly monkey. You know why? All you’re going to get is happy, shiny pics of  brand new babies getting carried in those carrier strap things. There’s also pics of little girls with little carrier strap things, like they’re mocking their  mothers, I mean really! Frankly, their happiness will sicken you. Well, even more than you already are. Because frankly, sitting here wondering if you can type out a whole decent post without running to the bathroom, YET AGAIN, to blow your nose does tend to get a bit annoying. (It’s not going to work btw, lots and lots of kleenex to be had here people!)

Today, I was told that I react like I have a man cold. Yep, HE WENT THERE.

I’m pretty sure I have the right to  be pissy. Every time I try and fall asleep while in bed, I start coughing. Every. Single. Time. There fore, I have to go  into the living room about 1:30ish, every night, and sleep sitting up on the couch. EVERY NIGHT. I can’t take my beloved Ny.Qui.l, because it would be my luck that something would happen and instead of being “alert” and awake, I’d sleep right through it. Or Cinderella would have  to give me an elbow to the nose or something, right? I think I can be a baby, if I wanna.  It’s my post-nasal drip, and I’ll bitch if I want to! (If you’re wondering where the Prince is in all of this, well, he’d be at work. He works nights so I have no option of night time meds until he’s got a day off. Every 12 days. Yep. How awesome is my life? Totally jealous. I know it.)

Re-reading this seems to be proving him right. I am being a bit of a baby…Bleh. I’m totally not going to tell  him I agree.

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