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That was my head exploding. This is just my headless torso typing away aimlessly. I hope it does well…and its not all “Blaknihwhw4ngas”.  ‘Cause that wouldn’t be awesome, and we need some awesome  lately, okay?

I don’t know what it is, but yeah, the past few days have been awesome. Could it  be that the Prince pulling doubles have made  me that worried about him, that I’m like losing my mind? I don’t know, because I’m sure everyone loves when their other half comes home, sleeps three and a half hours then turns around and leaves to fight dragons (aka BILLS!). The Prince doesn’t exactly have a cozy nine to five job  in a bank either. He’s a good man though, I don’t know many people that would do that kind of work, nor in that kind of weather.  It was 12 degrees when he got home this morning. Bone aching, shivering 12 degrees, man. Wow. Before I get complaints, we live in the desert, that kind of thing shouldn’t happen.

Oh, Cinderella.  She’s in the middle of a cold, so it’s the end of the world.  She takes after her daddy, trust me in this aspect. While she’s +43901 times better than the first few days, she’s seemed to think that she can run rampant and not get into trouble. Which I really don’t get, but you have to give her props, right? For example, today. While we were all cuddled up on my bed, she was asked her why her socks were wet.

“Uh, I dunno, Mamma, I chew on my sock?” Okay, right there I should have known that something was wrong. That’s not something that’s normal, but we were just relaxing, so I just shrugged it off. (Okay, and the demo she did was hilarious. Don’t judge.) Honestly, I just didn’t want to deal  with it. This was the first time we had some time with the Prince in ages.. someone has to keep the peace!

-Fast forward to bed time- (I can do that here, because I run the joint..don’t judge me.)

I walked in to get her humidifier fixed up, and saw that half of her ROOM WAS WET. What THE HELL!? She’s got carpet…Step down and *squish*.  As soon as I walked in and saw, I got the ugly cry face and a,”I DON’T KNOW HOW THAT HAPPENED!” Uh, yeah. The teapot and extras weren’t a clue or anything. So, someones grounded from tea parties for awhile. She also had to clean her room. “OMFGBBQSAUCE!” You’d have thought that I told her she was never leaving her room again, or  something, my goodness! (To be fair, I had warned her, something like two hours prior, that her room had to be cleaned today! Her answer: Who? ME?)

My names not The Evil Step -Mother for giggles people. *snicker*

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  1. Funny 🙂 thanks for the laugh, I have kids who do this kind
    of thing too

  2. OMG…I never, ever, never thought I would meet another ESM!!! Totally diggin’ your blog. In fact, I just spent the last 2 hrs parked in front of my computer reading the archives when I should have been writing a report for work…ummm…yeah, so guess who will be staying up late tonight before her teleconf in the AM?? *hand raised*

    So, the history behind my ESM? When I was dating my now-husband, his daughter was 6 and we seriously hit it off from the beginning (she’s totally awesome). She asked me to play with her one day…I agreed, asked what she wanted to play and her reply: Cinderella. “I’ll be Cinderella and you can be the evil step mother.” (promise you, totally unexpected and she didn’t mean it in a bad way…after she said it, we both looked at each other and busted out laughing…and ESM has been my nickname ever since. My Cinderella is now 21. And I’m right there with you…doesn’t matter that we didn’t physically give birth to them, we love them completely!!)

    • The Evil Step Mother

      Awww, thanks! I hope you got your teleconf together in one piece..hahaha.

      I’m always up to meeting another ESM! Drop me an email if you ever read this, or find me on twitter! 🙂


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