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Yeah, I know, I need to get on the ball here!

I’m totally not dead! YAY!

After dealing with the damn computer issues, I went ahead and contracted the plague and then the holidays came around. That pretty much sums up my last month or so, really, in a nutshell. Kids are total carrier monkeys man. It seems like just as soon as we get her well,  she leaves our sight for two seconds and she’s back  to  square one. Bleach and I are best friends, let me just say.

OH, and I received a shiny new refrigerator for Christmas. Yeah, *I* received it, like I’m the only one that’s going to be using it. Whatever.

While lounging around the house, you know, dying of the plague,  I really had no want of blogging. Does that make sense? Of course it doesn’t, but hey. Can’t exactly abide the *clickyclickyclicky* of the keys as you pound away on the keyboard, all the while your teeth feel like they’re going to pop out of your head from the sinus pressure, that’s also doing wonderful things to your nose’. That was *totally* awesome.  No, I have a better one! Waking up in the middle of the night thinking you were dying, because of the “drowning”. You get the idea. I refuse to get anymore into that.  I’m grossing myself out here!


I’m a  little post-Christmas depressed, now that I can’t dangle Christmas over Cinderella’s head. For a few  minutes a day, she actually paid attention and did what she was told. It was glorious. I mean, man, now what’s a girl  to do now? EXPECT HER TO LISTEN TO YOU? Psh. Girls got what she wants, all that other stuff is over with.

Speaking of, Its time for Cinderella’s latest cough medicine dosage. I’ll do an actual update later on. You know, one longer than a blink!

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