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Do You Know What is Awesome?

I have to say it’s pretty awesome to wake up and find out that your husband has bricked his iphon.e. (Yes, the extra period is there for a reason.)
Know what is even more awesome? To wake up that same morning and find out that said husband, has messed up the desktop computer. By messed up, I mean, I’m on day two of fixing this P.O.S., when all I’d like to do is throw it out.

You know whats awesome? Walking into my kids bathroom and finding out that she’s put about a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet.  Why, you may ask? “I dunno.”

Yup. Today’s already awesome.


To those of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving today, eat, drink, and cherish your family moments. To the rest of you who aren’t? Have a fantastic day!

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