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Pink Vampire Fairy


Cinderella wants to be a Pink Fairy Vampire, she would kill me if I forgot to mention the PINK in the PINK FAIRY VAMPIRE. (Pink Vampire Fairy? What the hell? I don’t know) How in the world she came up with that, is beyond me, but now we have the added bonus of trying to figure this crap out! She brought this up almost a week after we had already bought her costume, which was luckily, a PINK freakin’ fairy. Whew.

Okay, to be honest, in normal circumstances, I’d be pushing her to just be the fairy and be done with it. No more, no less, get your candy and lets go home kinda thing, right? This little request has me intrigued though.  For days, I’ve been hearing,”Ohh, I’m a BAMPIRE FAIRY!” and I kinda want to see this through.  I have got to give it to the kid, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone dressed up as that. Then again, maybe next season of TrueBlood will show something like this. (Sookie? Maybe she’s trying to be next seasons Sookie? She’s ahead of her time, my girl.)

What about you? Are you dressing up? I may just paint my face, who knows. I don’t think theres been a Halloween yet where I haven’t done something. Even something as simple as painting my face. (Yes, this was before Cinderella even..haha)

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