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This is just a post to explain why I haven’t been posting…

Blogosphere people –

This is just a quick post to explain why I haven’t been posting in awhile.

While I know I’ve been totally MIA for the longest time, let me just say, it wasn’t on purpose. Jefferey Dean Morgan is to blame! FOR SHAME!

No, really, it wasn’t him. (This time!) Lets look past the fact that I caught the plague and wanted to die for awhile, and the fact that my husband had a couple of blow outs on the mighty steed (AKA. the work truck), we also had a death in the family. A death that totally caught me off guard, because I was driving down the street to get to my SILs house (who happens to live near my great-uncles house), and saw a million people at his house when it hit hit me. He died. Its still something I can’t process. He’s been there my whole life…and now? Yeah, it’ll take some time to get that through my head.

Well, after that – the craziness just filled the week (or so). People are coming in from California, Wait, no they’re not..Oops! Yep, they’re here! While it was nice to see people I hadn’t seen in at least five years – I’m just sorry it was because of a death. That’s just not the way that we should be keeping in touch. I really have to get my little family to California, maybe then The Prince will catch the California bug.

Cinderella.  Well, she was just awesome, let me say. While her routine was upset with all of this craziness,  she was a trooper. I was really worried that this was going to be odd or hard on her but she went with the flow, like this was normal. Oh, new people?! Well, heck, How you doin? Such a good kid, and I’m grateful. Seeing my mom  was awesome, seeing how we usually only get to see her once a year. And let me say, that woman can play some Taboo like its going out of style. (We totally gotta play that again next time you’re here, lady!)

This month can officially bite it. Is it over yet? I have to say, this has been the worst couple of months we’ve had to deal with in a long time. *knock on wood* I wanted to do so much this month. My aunt died of breast cancer a few years ago, after a 25+ year battle, and we’re in a situation where I could do some pieces just for “Breast Cancer Month” online. Yeah, that totally didn’t happen.  Maybe next year.. Maybe I’ll just do it on my own once this all settles back down and we get back into our routines.  Who knows…meh.

So there you go my friends…Thats just some of the awesomeness as to why I haven’t been here. Hopefully, we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming soon!

P.S. Well, so much for a quick post. Sorry about that.

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