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The Day My Love for Jeffrey Dean Morgan Almost Died

Btw, if you’re new to the party and if you don’t know whats going on..I’d go here first, and then here.

Dear Jeffrey Dean Morgan,

Hi, it’s me, The Evil Step Mommy, ya know.. Your wife. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, for a wife I tend to think I’m pretty awesome. I mean, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I looked the other way when you dated Mary-Louise Parker. I mean, c’mon, She’s MARY-FREAKIN’-LOUISE PARKER. Why wouldn’t I over look that, Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

Heck, I even turned a blind eye, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, when there were reports of you two getting engaged. I mean, we had room here in “The Castle D’Morgan”, I’d totally chill with her. But no, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, you had to go and mess that up as well, didn’t you?

And yet, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, My love never faltered. I said goodbye to my friend when you decided you two were through and held my tongue. Which anyone that knows me, thats a damn near miracle that I was able to do that, really. You know, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I wanted to smack ya on the forehead and ask you what you were thinking. But then again, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, like any other man, you were thinking alright..just not with your head. And yet, I held fast.

For awhile, it was quiet Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I have to give you that. Heck, you are good, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

All of a sudden there were whispers, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, of you with another woman. Shock! Scandal! This woman even had your baby and you didn’t tell me. :wags finger: I mean, honestly, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, don’t you think it was something I should have known? In retrospect, I guess I should have realized something was up when I would hear a baby cry at all hours. Weird. I also should have thought something was up when you, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, told me Castle D’Morgan was haunted. Asshole.

Well, heck, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, even when the Super! Serious! Mystery! Child! came forth, I held steadfast. ‘Cause that’s how I roll, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, pretty awesome.

But there’s one thing I won’t forget, nor will I forgive, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. My husband (shhh! Wink) and I sat to watch this great new movie we heard about, called The Watchmen. There to my surprise was you, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I just can’t forgive it:

Really, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, The Watchmen? Really?Have you no shame??

P.S. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, if you’re reading this, I meant every word.

P.P.S. I mean every word about Watchmen, that is, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Not the overly stalkery shit.

P.P.P.S. One day, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, One day..

P.P.P.P.S. Well, most of it anyway, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Please don’t sue me. Kthnxbai, Jeffrey Dean Morgan!


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  1. I pulled a John C. Mayer on Adam M. Lambert. I’m so glad that Aunt Becky from Mommy Wants Vodka taught us how to Pull a John C. Mayer! Good job on Pulling your prank on Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

  2. Too funny – love it that you pulled a John C. Mayer on Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan, consider yourself John C. Mayer-d!

  3. I like him. I really liked him when he was on Supernatural!

    You’re pretty awesome for dealing with him having a baby with another woman!! Geesh… patient & understanding! LOL!

  4. another great post on jeffrey dean morgan! i learn a little bit more about jeffrey dean morgan every time you post. including your… ah, feelings about jeffrey dean morgan.

    good luck with your john c. mayering of jeffrey dean morgan. check out my attempted john c. mayering of william m. joel here:


  5. Love it, you’re crazy and I loved it hehe (+ I love JDM too)

  6. I’m not sure who Jeffery Dean Morgan is, but isn’t he the guy who knocked ditched MLP for Claire Danes? What a John C. Mayer.

  7. Before this post, I’d never heard of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but I have seen Watchmen – is he the superhero who rapes/later has consensual sex with the one dude’s mom?

    It’s at this point I should probably say: SPOILER. Maybe. If I’m right about remembering it.

    Also, I obviously should have said spoiler before the spoiler.

    But I’m quirky that way.

  8. Apparently, I’m a little out of touch. I was not aware of Jeffrey Dean Morgan or how he had abused your relationship. For being so dishonorable, Jeffrey Dean Morgan totally deserved to be John C. Mayer’d….

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  10. How dare Jeffrey Dean Morgan ignore you in favor of those celeb tramps? Jeffrey Dean Morgan doesn’t know what he is missing.

    Come read about my prankster fun and learn how I John C. Mayer ‘d my tv love, John S. Barrowman

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  12. Oh I had never heard of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but yet some had never heard of my John C. Mayer prank Paul W. Walker IV either. So, thank you for introducing me, although I do not think Jeffrey Dean Morgan looks like Gerard Butler to my dear friend who tried to describe Jeffrey Dean Morgan to me.

  13. Your love for Jeffrey Dean Morgan is strong – I can feel it. I don’t know how you have found the strength to live with your love of Jeffrey Dean Morgan through his indiscretions. Well, duh, because he’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan!


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