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Oh, Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Today, I came across Aunt Becky’s post on,”For Pranksters, We Don’t Do NEARLY Enough Pranking. Right, John C. Mayer?” and I have to say, it’s not a shabby idea.  Not in the least. So, this weeks target is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Oops, I mean, Today I come clean for my love of Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  Yeah, you read right, MY Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  You don’t think I’d share Jeffrey Dean Morgan, now would you?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Like Aunt Becky, I too have TV husbands and Jeffery Dean Morgan is one of them. Gerard Butler is too, but todays focus is Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

My actual husband will surely roll his eyes and think me nuts when he reads this. I’m just going to blame whatever death virus I have at the moment, and lack of food. Yeah, thats the ticket. Or he’ll have me committed.  But, whatevs, Jeffrey Dean Morgan will come save me!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has the “Aw Shucks” attitude in most of his work in the chick flicks I’ve seen him, and let me tell ya, Evil Step Mom here doesn’t really ever watch chick flicks. Sorry,  Jeffrey Dean Morgan knows all about this, but I’ll explain it to you, dear reader. Evil Step Mom grew up being the only girl so movies (like the one Jeffrey Dean Morgan creates) were really not watched. Now, as a grown-up, my love for chick flicks (like the ones Jeffrey Dean Morgan creates) is like a shameful thing, that’s not to be said. It’s like I’m a total girl.

At the beginning, I was totally against Twitter. (Just like everyone else) But now I’m a bit obsessed. I totally just realized that I could totally be following Jeffrey Dean Morgan! You see, I don’t really follow celebs because well, they’re boring, to be honest. Why follow them when I could be following someone way more interesting, witty and funny? But! But! JEFFREY! DEAN! MORGAN! Total love.

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  1. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is so cute :) I’m oohing and aahing over him! I hope Jeffrey Dean Morgan sees this and sends you a signed pic (and not a restraining order). Cheers to Aunt Becky and her obsession with John C. Mayer :)

    • The Evil Step Mother

      Right!? How can one not love one Jeffrey Dean Morgan? It seems to me that Jeffrey Dean Morgan would approve of this attempt, but it could be me.
      Now, how lovely would a signed pic of Jeffrey Dean Morgan be?! I’m down for it.

  2. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is awesome, but so are you!

  3. bandbacktogether

    Oh, Jeffery Dean Morgan! He was on Weeds, wasn’t he? That show with Mary Louise Parker? I think Jeffery Dean Morgan DATED Mary Louise Parker.

    • The Evil Step Mother

      Yeah I think he did date her, then Jeffrey Dean Morgan went and had a kid with some random. Oops I mean Jeffrey Dean Morgan had a kid with his girlfriend. And total didn’t whore the kid out fresh from the baby maker.

  4. bandbacktogether

    I like Weeds a lot. But Jeffery Dean Morgan is hot. In a swarthy way. VERY swarthy.

    • The Evil Step Mother

      Right? And seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s ass in P.S. I Love You didn’t suck either.

  5. jeffrey dean morgan is quite tasty. i’m glad to see that you’ve been able to share your love of jeffrey dean morgan. jeffrey dean morgan seems to be a great actor. PRANKSTERS FTW!

    • The Evil Step Mother

      Stay tuned for tomorrows post if you enjoyed this one..Jeffrey Dean Morgan and I had to sort some things out..

  6. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is totally hot and Jeffrey Dean Morgan rocks but my John S. Barrowman is so much better.

  7. Oh Jeffrey Dean Morgan! You’re so…. Jeffrey Dean Morgan! What a great post about Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

  8. Jeffery Dean Morgan is a cutie. I have an Adam M Lambert post. How are you doing on your Google searches on Jeffery Dean Morgan? Good Luck! May you reach the top!

    • The Evil Step Mother

      I’m no where on my quest to be on the front page for Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Now if you go to the left on the google page, and click blogs, I’m number one under the paid blogs.

      Good luck!

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  10. Ohhh Jeffrey Dean Morgan. What a beautiful man to John C. Mayer! He’s joining the ranks of some fabulous people. He really SHOULD hang out with Sophia Anna Bush!! They could talk about being John C. Mayer-ed. But to ward off Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s charm Sophia Anna Bush should probably bring her boyfriend Austin Nichols! :-)

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  12. Oh Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I love those dimples Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Please don’t ever have them removed.

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