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BlogHer? We don’t need no stinkin’ BlogHer!

Ok, being totally and completely n00bish to the blogging thing, in reality me going to BlogHer10 is pretty much laughable. That doesn’t make me any less enviable! Looking for Jenny (TheBloggess) in bathrooms would be worth the price of admission/flights etc. It’d be a bit like a Where’s Waldo? but with more booze.

I’m really at a loss as to what is the best part of #HomeHer10. I mean, it could be the constant, every five minutes of,”Mom, I love you.” (Who is this little monster that won’t leave me alone?) I know! It’s got to be when there was a screaming fit when Barbie (that bitch) would NOT just fit into her damn yellow VW Bug. I mean, honestly! Who does that skank think she is? #HomeHer10 is where it is, baby!

Drama, oh how I wish I could quit you. Honestly. I hope you jump off a cliff, ya bastard. I never KNEW three-year-olds were so dramatic! Oh. Maybe I’m just lucky..I never thought about that until just now. By dramatic, I mean, give her a year or so, and she’ll be doing the “back-of-the-hand-to-the-forehead” thing while “fainting” on her bed.

Speaking of Drama. Little miss Cinderella will be four in the matter of days. I haven’t even begun to mention the fact that Charming has started a new job that requires an hour commute each way. Imagine how awesome it’ll be when in a day or so, Cinderella’s grandmother and family start texting and asking when the birthday party is. (By Grandmother and family, I mean Bio-Moms family.) How is this for an answer: I have NO earthly idea. Yep. Awesome. (Lost? Yeah, me too.. a bit of an answer is here.)

You back? Yeah, you. If you think you can piece all of that together, will you let me know? heh.


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