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Ok this is the last time

I’ve come to the conclusion I’m technologically disabled. I’ve written a few posts on my iPad and thought vie posted them only to come to realize they never did. They say they’ve posted but there they sit in the local drafts folder. Ugh.

Ok any snarky pics will have to be added later because, surprise, surprise, surprise (!) The WordPress app wont let me add pics. What the hell people?! This may force me to actually get off my ass, waddle to my computer, and find WordPress, ugh, then log in. See!? Too many steps and I’m already tired.

Everything is finally falling into place. You see. The castle was over run with family for awhile and it was flipping awesome. Ha. My mom came to visit after a few years and this was her first meeting of Cinderella. I don’t know why I was worried at first, but I shouldn’t have been. I opened the door and Cinderella had them wrapped around her grubby little finger.

Then she bit someone a few days later. But, that’s another story. Ugh.


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