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I totally suck..

Oh..hai! Yeah, remember me?? I used to do stuff around these parts …like write. But thats a loonng time ago. I have a confession to make.
For awhile after my last post, I thought I would be totally tech like and do a few (ok, like 20) posts from my iPhone. Yeah, like I said, I *thought*. I don’t know what the hell was up with me, but most (ok all) of the posts are now sitting snuggly in my draft folder. Go me!
I blame the fact that my air unit in my house is acting PMS like, and there have been days that my house was a nice and balmy 85 degrees.. INSIDE. WTF?! Yep. Evil Step-Mamma don’t do heat, people! Which is redic ’cause I live in the desert. The summer heat runs up in the triple digits around these parts. Yeah, I don’t know where I get the accent I just typed in..forgive me.
I also figured that I would come back in a blaze of glory yesterday for BOOBQUAKE! Yeah. That didn’t happen either. (Obviously..I mean, because else the boobers would be out in their glory in the post under this.) Don’t ask me what happened but about 3am this morning when I was up getting my husband ready for work, I finally remembered. (Don’t judge, the prince goes out to slay dragons at weird hours.) At 3am, you tend to not care much.  At 3am, you tend to not care about much at all, really. As long as I don’t fall asleep while I’m cooking or anything, I think we’re a-okay!
I think that’s gonna be it for today.. not much to update..but just wanted to publish something to say that I’m still alive. HI! I’m ALIVE!
-Evil Step-Mother

PS. I totally tried that certain bunless burger from the certain franchise that has nothing but poultry. Yeah, nothing to write home about. It’s salty, you can’t really distinguish the cheese nor the all glorious bacon, and it wasn’t even crispy. *sigh*TotalLet down.  I lost like 15 years off of my life for this sandwich and it wasn’t even worth it. That, I think, is what pisses me off more than anything.

PPS. Yeah, that’s totally my boobs.

PPPS. Total lie. That’s not me. *hangs head* I blame the damn sandwich.

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