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Well, its been decided…

Cinderella must be re-taught how to use the potty. Before my head explodes, that is.   Maybe she could tell we were getting lazy and content, and thought she could “shake things up”, but for whatever reason, she needs reteaching.  For the last few days, Cindy has been having accidents.  And my heads been threatening to explode into shiny pretty colors.

You see, due to Prince Charming’s job, two days a week have him on graveyards, while it sucks, he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do in order to keep us going, right? Our bedroom is right next door to one of the bathrooms, and Cinderella has a bathroom in her room, as well.  This week, I had a bright idea. Supposedly.  You can see where this is going, can’t you?

In the mornings, Cinderella had been used to getting up and looking for me. If I’m in the living room, she says good morning, I tell her to go potty and be quiet in there, and then she runs to our bathroom. (Don’t start me on what happens when I’m not in the living room when she wakes up..but thats another post.) While in said bathroom, she sings, talks, and does her business and runs out. She comes back and I ask her,”Didn’t I just tell you to be quiet while you were in the bathroom?” Answer: No. :facepalm:

I thought this week, I would get her used to using her bathroom, so that a couple of times a week, while Prince gets his princely slumber on, she could use her bathroom and I don’t have to worry about her waking him up.  I also don’t have to worry about the vein in my forehead popping either.  Well, this week has been ripe with accidents. (Just #1, but still.) Its like she completely forgot what we’re doing here people!.

Today, we start retraining.  Every hour on the hour my phone will go off and she knows its time to potty.

Before I get the whole,”ZOMG!! How dare you be posting while precious Cindy is in throes of potty training!! WHAT KINDA MOTHER ARE YOU!?

Answer: I’m a peed ON mother.

Also, I can stop what I’m doing and get her to the bathroom…so shaddup!

I’ll keep you updated on how things go..and how many loads of laundry I have to do because of today..

-The Evil Step-Mom

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