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I haven’t been writing for a reason, Dear Internets. Honestly, its not like I forgot you…really.  Its me, not you.  You see… I broke my FRIGGIN FOOT!!

You see.  My husband went to bed one night before the rest of us.  I stayed up that night, put the kiddo to bed and everything..just like normal. When I went to bed, trying with all my might not to wake up my Prince, I failed to notice that my husband got ready for bed on my side of the bed. How would I realize that, when in fact, the damn lights were off?!   I tripped over my husbands size 17 ( !!! ) shoe and hit my toes on the edge of the bed.   This was like two weeks ago, and I’m still limping around.  Its kinda hard to mend when I’m running around after a three year old, and driving her to school and such.  I broke my right foot, which of course, is the totally the wrong foot you want to be be breaking.  Not like you’d want to break your foot.  You get my drift.  Whatever.. I blame the foot. It didn’t help that Prince Charming didn’t believe that I had broken it, for something like the first THREE DAYS.  But thats a post for another time.  I am going to go and pop some ibprofen.


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  1. Broken feeties are the WORST. I totes had one that wasn’t QUITE broken last year and it was awful.


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