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It’s been ages since I’ve written here but then again what else is new? So I will sit here with my cup of yerba mate and explain.


Since I last posted many things have changed here at the palace, as well with Cinderella herself. Well, firstly the palace was exchanged for another. At the beginning of December we decided to upgrade palaces for something we could actually breathe in and not bump into each other by merely stretching our legs. Ok, I exaggerate but you get the idea.  The day we started moving into the new palace, it snowed. Yeah. That was awesome! *snort* That lead to me having some sort of bronchial thing, as well as laryngitis. Life does not get any better.

Ah, my Cinderella. Christmas was something else all together. Gone was the grunting ape that moved into our home and left the greatest most enthusiastic child I could ever ask for. She’s talking so much!  I’m so over-the-moon, its nuts. She really was just head over heels Christmas day, but then again, what three-year-old isn’t, right?

Our Christmas eve consisted of going through 50 pounds of masa to make tamales! Phew! That took forever.  It was so worth the time though, being around my family and just soakin’ up all that love. Gots to love the grub!

I’m going to have to finish another time, because  I can’t stop coughing. My second bout with laryngitis is whoopin’ my butt!


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