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Evil Step-Mother Goes Green

Well, kinda.  I’ve been given the privilege to review Green by Ted Dekker.

Ted writes:

“Unlike most series, the Circle Series is truly circular, meaning Green, Book Zero, both begins the series for those who have not yet read Black,Red, or White, and it ends the series for those who have read BlackRed or White.”

I’m not exactly so sure about that.  I’ve been putting off review this book because  I can’t get into it, which is sad because I really have loved Ted Dekkers writing since I read Three.  Green was confusing – this isn’t a stand alone book! I’m sorry, but it’s not.  The writing is something we’ve always come to expect from Dekker and I’m sure, had I read the previous books, I would have understood where everything was going.  I understand Green is an apocalyptic story and yet, I was left unhappy with it.  Dekker is a Christian writer that pushes his envelope toward the horror genre as close as he can get – and maybe I was hoping to see more of that. Maybe one day I will take the time out to start from the beginning of the series, but as for now, Green was decent and there were parts that I enjoyed. If you have started the Circle Series, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.  If you haven’t, don’t start at Green! Start at the beginning, no matter if they say that you can begin anywhere. Don’t be left disappointed!


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