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Ahhh, Cinderella…

Well, how is it going Internetz?  All the time that it took me to do another post, you’d think something was going on.  Would it upset you to know..that no.  Nothing is going on.  Ok, stuff has been going on, but I was always thinking,”Will this make a decent blogpost?”  Mostly, the answer was…no.

I never really mention it on here, but when Cinderella came to live with us here in the fairy kingdom, she had a few issues. I refuse to p0int any fingers in any direction, because now, she’s our only focus.  Cinderella has some needs that weren’t being met, and now she is, end of the story. She has a few verbal issues as well as listening issues.  We were all worried that she was worse off than what we were thinking, but she had a ECEP evaluation last week.

Not my kid, or her therapist

Not my kid, or her therapist

Boy, were we nervous!!  Nothing like having to go meet a group of people you don’t know to tell you what they think her development. Looking back, I’m not sure why were so nervous.  Well, yeah, I can (shut up!), when they tell you a group of therapists are going to look at every nook and cranny of your kids life and development, theres something to get nervous about!

This isnt where it was either...

This isn't where it was either...

This was more of the setting that happened Thursday morning.  Totally calming right? I mean, what the hell?!  hahahaha.  It was great.  Best of all, in the two+ months we’ve had Cinderella, she’s progressed like 6 months.  Amazing how great kids are isn’t it?!  According to the therapists, she’ll be caught up in time for kindergarden, if we keep up everything we’re doing. She’s three years old, so that’s great. They  recommended she keep with the preschool, which is nice. She LOVES going to school.  Every school morning, (she goes three times a week), I tell her its a school day and her response? Thank you, MOM! THANK YOU!!!!!!


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  1. Having been through ZILLIONS of these therapy appointments (one this week, even!), I completely understand why you’d be nervous beforehand. I always am.

    So, SO glad that she’s doing well. Kids are so incredibly resilient, aren’t they?


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