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Couldnt see me now

Just a quick update, as there really hasn’t been much to post about lately.

Cinderella turned three the other day! I can’t believe it, it seems like it’s all passed by so quickly. Which it has, truth be told.
Cinderella, I believe is potty trained. Thank the GOOD Lord! There was only so much I could take. There’s still the occasional accident, but that’s bound to happen… she is only three.
This Tuesday we will (finally) be having her birthday party so her moms family will be able to celebrate her birthday with her, which will be ok. It’ll be at a local place here that’ll have bouncy houses indoors, and they pretty much take care of everything else. They even clean up after the party. We live where it’s always triple digit heat so, this will be awesome. We won’t be melting this year!
Cinderella will also be starting preschool soon! Ugh! I’m still not sure about that. Wait, yes I am. Considering her slight disabilities, this is just something that well push her in the right direction to get her caught up, right where she needs to be. Shell be going three days a week, for three hours – which will be weird! I’m already so used to her being here right under me all the time. Oh well, we will get used to it!

(sorry for the misspellings as I’m typing this out on my iPhone. )

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