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At least a time or two..

For those that aren’t feeling snarky, or don’t know what my circumstances are, or are related to me.. you might not want to read this.  Especially if you are related to me.


I’m tired.

Yes, I said it.  I’m tired.

I have my days where I’m not sure that I’m cut out to be a mother to a child that is practically set in her ways already.  Or just as strong willed as I am. (Yep, I’ll go with strong willed. Don’t judge me.) She was taught to be something I’m not used to pretty much.  I’m not used to a child being as rude as she is was.  I’m sorry, but at three years old she shouldn’t be telling you,”DUH!” when you ask her a question. Nope.  Not going to fly here, Missy.

Things are getting better.  I can say that now, ’cause she’s visiting an aunt tonight, and my husbands at work, and I’m sitting here..alone.  From someone that went from being a hermit, to having a full fledged insta-family, these little respites are pretty nice sometimes.

Until earlier.

You see, Internetz, last night my husband and I went out of town for a “date”. Ok, not really a “date” its just that my husband was dying to see Bruno, and the closest place to watch it was a hour and a half away, and I got to tag along.  So, munchkin stayed with her  aunt and we were off to the movies.  Because the movie started so late, munchkin would have been asleep by the time we got home (hopefully asleep…but that’s another story.. not following my schedule! UGH!), so Aunt decided to keep her for the night and we could just hang out.  Bruno was HORRIBLE!  Honestly horrid.. I can’t believe I sat through that drivel.  The Hangover, on the other hand was great! I LOVED that movie.

WELL, Munchkin was home today for all of 30 minutes while her daddy grabbed a shower, and then went to take her to her OTHER aunts for her visit (that they asked for like a week ago), and she was ticked she had to go. Ticked!

As her and her father were pulling out of the driveway I noticed she was looking at me from the back seat.

I waved bye to her.

And she burst out crying.

……….For me.

Maybe I can do this afterall.


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