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..the dogs are barking and no one is listening..

We’re pretty much moved into the new place and starting a “routine” with the munchkin. At least most of the time, when she’s at home, I should say.  One day from home, and the routine goes all to hell.. even though people tell me they’ll follow what I have down for her. Like that should surprise me, right? I don’t know why it does. Yet, everytime it does. At least I have her pretty much broken from the cokes. Her mother had her addicted. It was really heartbreaking to hear,”Lets go bye-bye and get a coke!” seventy times a hour, and the tantrum that came after every,”No.”

The week of the move was the most stressful week we dealt with since we’ve been married. I have to admit, its lucky we’re still married after that week.  Its lucky I didn’t move out, because I know there were a few times I got close.


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