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Rest in Peace

I’ve sat here looking at the empty template for ages thinking ..”How do I start this?”

The most weird,  horrible, unimaginable thing that happened to my little family.  Even though I hinted at the “dramaz”, I never wished anything like this to happen. Ever.

Sunday, June 7, there was a knock at the door.  I had just woken up, so I might have been a little groggy still, so some of it still doesn’t sit right with me, but I opened the door and was asked for Mr. Seraphim. Ok, no problem, just wait a few second and let me get him, he was still asleep.

I got him up, dressed and shoved out the door, because we realized that it was Ex’s car in the driveway, but not ex. First thing to cross my mind? DRAMA. *sigh*

He walked out the door and I can see it hit him that this was big as soon as he saw who it was standing there waiting for him. “I dont know how to say this, but Ex died. I figured you needed to know.” I actually had to ask him to repeat himself, because I couldn’t fathom what he had said.

Wait…what?  Yeah, you read that right..She died. In her sleep. She was 26 years old, and DIED.  A full twenty four hours later and it still doesn’t seem real, it doesn’t seem right. Little One was asleep when Ex was found.  They just picked her up out of bed and whisked her away,none the wiser, for which I’m thankful. As of right now, I’m not entirely sure of the “hows”, but still. Shock, its not even a word right now, but a way of life.


We’re now trying to find a new place, a bigger place, so we can have a room for Little One.  I’m hoping the transition will go over smoothly, but hey, what  has so far? ha. Little One is still with her grandmother/grandfather at the moment, but husband will go in a day or two and collect her.

Then the new life begins…

New blog coming up… I’m now a Step-Mommy blogger…

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  1. Even those of us far away, share in the shock. But life goes on for the lil one. The main focus will have to be there now.

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