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Oh, the dramaz!

Geez.  Can’t a girl just be sick and not have ten tons of crap heaped upon her darn head, as well?

Besides the baby mamma drama, of which I wont get into here, because frankly, I have to deal with that in “REAL LIFE”, why the hell would I subject my blog to that oppossum as well? I would NEVER do that to you dear, dear blog. (’ll probably blow up more, and i’ll vent… whatevs.)

But…but.. back to the post at hand.. The dramaaaaaaa!

I cant believe it died!

R.I.P Dear Cable..


You put your phone on the charger and lay your weary head on the pillow to get a good nights rest, thinking all is right with your small  world. (At least for the time being.) You dream the dreams of a person that doesn’t realize that, in the morning, its going to happen.

MY DAMN PHONE CABLE DIED! What the hell? I woke up the next morning, and my poor 3g chirped at me sickly and threw a sliver of a red battery at my face accusingly.  My poor 3g was actually dead for 24 hours. This thing is my life people! MY LIFE!  Thank goodness Ra.dio had one I bought for a replacement, but ..but..ITS NOT THE SAME. *sigh* At least it works right? I can charge my phone, and sync and all that nice nerdy stuff but heaven help me I didn’t know what to do for awhile there.

On other news, my husband woke up this morning before work…with.. “A MAN COLD!” Wait.  Did the world end? HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW HE WAS SICK!? How dare you not call! How dare you not write!  *Sigh* Why do men, boys, men act like the worlds over when they’re sick but heaven help you if you, the “Other Half”, get sick? *SIGH* Men.  This will be fun.. He’s off tomorrow and he signed on to do a bunch of stuff for his aunt and grandma.  This ..yep.. *sigh*


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