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A post for Maddie…

I sat silent while I read everything the Spohrs went through.  I didn’t comment, because, frankly, what does one more “I’m sorry” from someone half way around the world mean? I knew there wasn’t anything I could do to fix the hurt. Now that I have my own blog, I can do this one post for Maddie. (Until I figure out how to add them to my  page that is..Gosh..Can we say n00b?)

......For Maddie100% of the proceeds go to the March of Dimes

The first is a link to the Spohrs paypal, incase anyone would like to donate to Maddies arrangements.  The second is a link to the March for Maddie Website.  Bid on some stuff to make you pretty, and the proceeds to to the march of dimes!

ETA: the second pic of maddie.


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