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Well, that was interesting.

I went to my grandmothers today with my husband for a visit. Which was pretty much nothing interesting because we went to put minutes on her cell phone. Its weird that a cousin was supposed to go over there with the card, and never did. What happened there with the card? Kept it most likely. Keeping a 81 year old’s tracphone card, that’s just well, sad.
I had fun, just messing around and joking. She stuffed my hubs with ice cream sandwiches, til bursting. That was funny as hell. Big burly man being force fed ice cream by that little old lady.
Really, nothing to write. Thats all this blog is about. Me writing, to write that theres nothing to write. HA! Sadly enough, I just kinda forgot about the blog. Took me like 30 minutes, to find my info for this blog.

I had a funny to post on here but it didnt really fit, because of the layout.  I might have to change this.  But …but.. I LIKE THE BLACK!  Ahh!  Damn. We’ll see.


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  1. Video is too cute.. Your Gma rocks too literally. Where’s da pic of the rocks she gave you?


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